Ph.D tézisek

Imre Farkas
Possible role of the C5a receptor in cell death and neurodegeneration.
Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University, Department of Anatomy, Szeged, Hungary

Imre Kalló
Morphological characterization of estrogen-sensitive neurons and their affarent connections in the rat forebrain.
Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University, Department of Anatomy, Szeged, Hungary

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Neuronal proto-oncogene expression in the pharmacological assessment of the synaptic mechanisms of the hippocampus in rats.
Szeged, 2005. SZTE

Zsolt Kopniczky
The effect of neurosurgical ablation of the entorhinal cortex.
Szeged, 2005. SZTE

Dudás Bertalan
Significance of neurotransmitter inputs of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone neuronal system in the human diencephalon
Szeged, 2006. SZTE, 47 p.

Andrea Czigner
Brain cellular immunresponse, c-fos protein expression, motor and cognitive performance following closed head injury in rats
Szeged, 2008. SZTE

Roland Weiczner
Ionotropic glutamate antagonism in the 4-aminopyridine rat convulsion model: the morphological and functional aspects of the acute seizure
Szeged, 2009. SZTE, 49 p.

Andrea Bagosi
Differential gene expression in acute and chronic seizure models in the rat brain
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Zádor Zsolt
A citotoxikus agyödéma mechanizmusai
Szeged, 2009.SZTE

Zoltán Süle
Ultrastructural malformations of the cerebral microvessels in pathological conditions – an electron microscopic study
Szeged, 2010. SZTE, 50 p.

Julianna Jójárt
Distribution of oxytocin in the spinal cord and its presence in the pheripheral nervous system
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Erika Bálint
KHAT ( CATHA EDULIS ) a controversial plant: blessing or curse?
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